Amazake Chili


Not too hot, not too sweet, not too salty. This one’s for Goldilocks.

I adore Korean gochugaru chilli and using it in my Kimchi just wasn’t enough for me, so I took inspiration from both my native cuisine and Korea’s and put together a spicy, umami-rich paste that will go with anything.

Amazake, the main ingredient, is fermented rice koji – starch is converted to glucose, resulting in a sweet, porridge-like concoction. The health benefits are too numerous to list here.

The Amazake is made using organic rice from Italy, to this I add sea salt and gochugaru chilli flakes.


Amazake (shortgrain rice, rice koji (Aspergillus Oryzae)), gochugaru chilli flakes, sea salt.


The sauce has been cooked and the amazake is no longer actively fermenting, however, it’s recommended you keep it in the fridge upon opening.

How to eat

Despite its intense redness, this sauce is mildly spicy but full of deep flavours. I like to use it in sandwiches, in marinades and sauces, with raclette or fondue or mixed with mayo as an easy but delicious dip.

Expiry date

The expiry date is a guideline, some would argue a sauce such as this one matures with age and keeps getting better. I have happily kept mine for up to a year, thanks to the relatively high salt content (7%). Please exercise caution as inserting a dirty utensil, for example, will invite unwanted mold and affect how well it keeps.