3 – 5 – 8 : Sa – go – hachi : Salt – koji – rice

From the country that invented sudoku comes a numerical condiment which will multiply your cooking’s umami. Sagohachi is similar to shio koji, however, rather than adding water to koji and salt, here one adds cooked rice, resulting in a paste-like consistency and arguably richer flavour. Its versatility matches that of shio koji, but for pickling, sagohachi ranks higher in ease of use.


Organic short grain rice, Organic rice koji (inoculated with Aspergillus Oryzae), sea salt


My sagohachi is unpasteurized so please be careful if you leave it at room temperature – it can lead to C02 build-up as a result of continued fermentation. It is best kept in the fridge.

How to eat

Sagohachi and shio koji are arguably the most versatile of the condiments I have to offer – they pack the same umami punch as soy sauce or miso but with a less distinctive flavour. They add sweetness and saltiness to your dishes and the enzymatic activity breaks down harder to eat cuts of meat. You can coat meat, fish, tofu or vegetables in either for a few hours, rub it off (as the koji tends to burn easily) and cook as you normally would. Use wherever you would use salt. Sagohachi is more paste like thank shio koji.

Expiry date

This is a high salinity product, therefore you could keep it in the fridge almost indefinitely. Please exercise caution as inserting a dirty utensil, for example, will invite unwanted mold and affect how well it keeps.